SMS Annual Conference Best Paper Prize

              2020 Award Co-Chairs

              picture of Sea-Jin Chang
              Sea-Jin Chang
              National University of Singapore

              Past Award Recipients


              "When it Might Profit to be a Non-Profit Organization: Using a Natural Experiment in India" 
              Kamini Gupta, Kings College London

              Honorable Mention:

              "Iterative Coordination in Organizational Search"
              Sourobh Ghosh, Harvard University
              Andy Wu, Harvard University

              "Kindred Spirits: The Influence of Cognitive Frame Similarity on Contingency Planning in Strategic Alliances"
              Marvin Hanisch, University of Passau
              Carolin Haeussler, University of Passau
              Andreas König, University of Passau
              Theresa Cho, Seoul National University

              "Frenemies: Target Selection in Cooperative Private Politics"
              Kate Odziemkowska, University of Pennsylvania

              "Knowledge Spill-Ins as Double-Edged Sword: How Knowledge Spill-Ins by Originating Firms Affect Entrepreneurial Recipients"
              Sangchan Park, KAIST
              Sang-Joon Kim, Ewha Womans University
              Seungho Choi, Ewha Womans University


              "Cross-Border Social Disapproval: Social Media Coverage, National Animosity, and Nationalism as Integrated Mobilizations"
              Xinran Wang, University of Tennessee
              Rhonda Reger, University of Missouri

              Honorable Mention:

              "Corporate Elites and their Influence on Corporate and Independent Philanthropy"
              Razvan Lungeanu, Pennsylvania State University
              Klaus Weber, Northwestern University

              "A General Theory of Employee Entrepreneurship: A Knowledge-Based View"
              Aseem Kaul, University of Minnesota
              Martin Ganco, University of Wisconsin-Madison
              Joseph Raffiee, University of Southern California

              "Framing Catastrophic Failure as a Learning Opportunity: Lessons From Virgin Galactic and SpaceX"
              Luciana Silvestri, Harvard University
              Anil Doshi, UCL School of Management
              Sen Chai, ESSEC Business School

              "Who Bears the Brunt When the Books are Cooked?"
              Ivana Naumovska, INSEAD
              Georg Wernicke, Copenhagen Business School


              "Activist-Led Divestitures"
              Siwen Chen, University of Pennsylvania
              Emilie Feldman, University of Pennsylvania

              Honorable Mention:

              "Public-Private Partnering Environmental Uncertainty and Hybrid Organizational Design"
              Ilze Kivleniece, INSEAD

              "Narrative Construction During Strategic Change: A Dynamic Perspective"
              Elena Dalpiaz, Imperial College London
              Giada Di Stefano, HEC-Paris

              "Why Victories In Certification Contests Did Not Affect Survival Of Organizations In American Automobile Industry"
              Brent Goldfarb, University of Maryland
              Anastasiya Zavyalova, Rice University
              Sandeep Devanatha Pillai, University of Maryland

              "Learning by Exporting Reconsidered – How Export Induced Investments in R&D and Marketing Pay off"
              Wolfgang Sofka, Copenhagen Business School
              Elena Golovko, Tilburg University
              Cindy Lopes-Bento, Maastricht University


              "Inter-Organizational Collaboration, Search Heuristics, and Knowledge Work: The Path of Trust to Innovation"
              Laura Poppo, University of Kansas
              Zheng Cheng, University of Kansas

              Honorable Mention:

              "When Suppliers Climb the Value Chain: A Theory of Value Distribution in Vertical Relationships"
              Zhixi Wan, University of Oregon
              Brian Wu, University of Michigan

              "How Performance Incentives Shape Individual Exploration and Exploitation: Evidence from Micro Data"
              Sunkee Lee, INSEAD
              Philipp Meyer-Doyle, INSEAD

              "The Economic Case for CSR"
              Aseem Kual, University of Minnesota
              Jiao Luo, University of Minnesota

              "Acquisitions and Network Revolution"
              Exequiel Hernandez, University of Pennsylvania
              Anoop Menon, University of Pennsylvania


              "Blacklisted Benefactors: The Political Contestation of Non-Market Strategy"
              Mary-Hunter McDonnell, Georgetown University
              Timothy Werner, University of Texas-Austin

              Honorable Mention:

              "Using Item Response Theory to Improve Measurement in Management: An Application to Corporate Social Responsibility"
              Brian Richter, University of Texas-Austin
              Robert Carroll, University of Rochester
              David Primo, University of Rochester

              "Make-or-Buy Decisions in Platform Markets"
              Markus Reisinger, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
              Miriam Zschoche, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management

              “Immigrants Entrepreneurial Networks Evolution Over Time”
              Jorge Mejia, ITAM

              “Making Sense of It All: Affective and Cognitive Sensegiving in R&D Investment Decisions”
              Olivia O'Neill, George Mason University
              Andrew Ward, Lehigh University
              Scott Graffin, University of Georgia
              Laura Stanley, East Carolina University


              “A Participatory Approach To Stakeholder Engagement: Defining A Hierarchy Of Strategic Action”
              Lite Nartey, University of South Carolina
              Sinziana Dorobantu, New York University
              Witold Henisz, University of Pennsylvania

              Honorable Mention:

              “Can Firms Pay Less By Doing Good? The Effect of Corporate Philanthropy on Employee Salary Requirements”
              Vanessa Burbano, University of California-Los Angeles

              “Cap-(ture) and-Trade: Arbitraging by multinational firms in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)”
              Sanjay Patnaik, George Washington University

              “Shift in Value Creation: Competence-Destroying Discontinuity on Complementary Assets”
              Alessio Cozzolino, Bocconi University
              Gianmario Verona, Bocconi University

              “Value Appropriation, Search Frictions, and Secondary Markets”
              Robert Seamans, New York University
              Victor Bennett, University of Southern California
              Feng Zhu, Harvard University


              “Board Composition in International Joint Ventures”
              Ilya Cuypers, Singapore Management University
              Gokhan Ertug, Singapore Management University
              Jeffrey Reuer, Purdue University
              Ben M. Bensaou, INSEAD

              Honorable Mention:

              “Dining and Drinking with Government Officials: Organizational and Environmental Determinants of Political Networking during Transition”
              Pei Sun, Fudan University
              Jianjun Zhang, Peking University
              Kamel Mellahi, University of Warwick

              “Hocus-Pocus: The Shareholder-Value Effects of Delusive Payouts by Specialized and Diversified Firms”
              Guilhem Bascle, Catholic University of Louvain

              “Managing Ambiguity: Growing a New Business in a Nascent Industry”
              Tiona Zuzul, Harvard University
              Amy Edmondson, Harvard University

              “Do Managers Face a Uniqueness Paradox in Crafting Corporate Strategy within Strategic Factor Markets: Evidence from Mergers and Acquistions”
              Lubomir Litov, Washington University - St. Louis
              Todd Zenger, Washington University - St. Louis


              “How Anticipated Employee Mobility Affects Acquisition Likelihood: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”
              Kenneth Younge, University of Colorado-Boulder
              Tony Tong, University of Colorado-Boulder
              Lee Fleming, Harvard University

              Honorable Mention:

              “Competing Over Whom Your Customers Hire: The Other Talent War”
              Seth Carnahan, University of Maryland
              Deepak Somaya, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

              “Lighting the Way or Stealing the Shine? Duality in Star Scientists' Effects on Colleagues' Performance”
              Rebecca Kehoe, Rutgers University
              Daniel Tzabbar, Drexel University

              “Agglomeration vs. Organizational Reproduction: The Molds Cluster in Portugal”
              Carla Costa, Carnegie Mellon University
              Rui Baptista, Technical University of Lisbon

              “Ripples through the Value Chain: Scope & Profit Evolution Over the Industry Lifecycle as Technologies Change”
              Michael G. Jacobides, London Business School
              Francisco Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University
              Claudio Wolter, Carnegie Mellon University


              “Do CEOS Matter: The Use of Variance Decompositon in the Investigation of CEO Effects.”
              Markus Fitza, University of Colorado-Boulder

              Honorable Mention:

              “Fast Mover Advantages: Speed Capabilities and Entry into the Emerging Subfield of Atlantic Basin LNG”
              Ashton Hawk, Ohio State University
              Gonçalo Pacheco de Almeida, New York University
              Bernard Yeung, New York University

              “Getting it Right and Righting it Afterwards: Experience, Ownership (Mis)Alignment and Subsidary Dynamics”
              Xavier Martin, Tilburg University
              Ilya Cuypers, Singapore Management University

              “Absorptive Capacity and the Temporal Dynamics of Inter-Organizational Learning in Alliances and Joint Ventures”
              Henri Schildt, Imperial College
              Thomas Keil, Aalto University
              Markku Maula, Aaalto University

              “Opening the Black Box: What Firms Explicitly Learn from Their Process Experiences”
              Chris Bingham, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
              Kathleen Eisenhardt, Stanford University


              “Group Polarization on Corporate Boards: Theory and Evidence on Board Decisions about Acquisition Premiums”
              Hongquan Zhu, Arizona State University

              Honorable Mention:

              “Employee Mobility, Employee Entrepreneurship and the Effects on Parent Firm Performance”
              Benjamin Campbell, Ohio State University
              Martin Ganco, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
              April Franco, University of Toronto
              Rajshree Agarwal, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

              “Growth and Divestiture in a Recession: Evidence from Emerging Markets in East Asia”
              Abhirup Chakrabarti, McGill University

              “How Capital Budgeting Differs as Uncertainty and Controversy Vary: Bridging Bower and Brealey & Myers”
              Hyoung Goo Kang, Ewha Womans University
              Richard Burton, Duke University
              Will Mitchell, Duke University

              “Some Animals are More Equal than Others: What Makes Strategic Initiatives Survive the Firm’s Internal Selection Environment?”
              Marcus Matthias Keupp, University of St. Gallen
              Steven Floyd, University of St. Gallen
              Oliver Gassmann, University of St. Gallen


              “Value Creation in the Knowledge Economy: The Rigor, Relevance, and Morality of the Resource-Based View”
              JW Stoelhorst, University of Amsterdam
              Flore Bridoux, Erasmus University Rotterdam

              Honorable Mention:

              “Making Sense of Top and Middle Managers' Cognitions of McKinsey's 7S +3 in Practice”
              Robert Wright, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
              Richard Sopoarnot, Group ESCEM

              “The Affects of Practices Of Governance and Leadership On Capabilities and Performance Of Alliances”
              Jochen Schweitzer, University of Technology, Sydney
              Siggi Gudergan, University of Technology, Sydney

              “Meta-Analysis in Strategic Management Research: On Evidence-based Management, Hunter/Schmidt, and Hedges/Olkin”
              Andreas Bausch, University of Jena
              Frithjof Pils, Jacobs University Bremen
              Adalbert Wilhelm, Jacobs University Bremen

              “The Impact of CEO Tenure on Exploitation and Exploration: A Longitudinal Modeling”
              Zeki Simsek, University of Connecticut
              David Souder, University of Connecticut


              “Knowing When to Acquire: The Relation Between Acquisition Timing And Price In High Technology Acquisitions”
              Nir Brueller, Tel Aviv University
              Shmuel Ellis, Tel Aviv University
              Eli Segev, Tel Aviv University

              Honorable Mention:

              “The Different Performance Impacts Of Employee Mobility Between Competitors and Cooperators”
              Deepak Somaya, University of Maryland
              Ian Williamson, University of Melbourne
              Natalia Lorinkova, University of Maryland

              “Cracking The Code: The Joint Importance Of Experience Homogeneity and Heterogeneity In Acquisition Capability Development”
              Mario Schijven, Texas A&M University
              Harry Barkema, Tilburg University

              “Building Improvisation Capability In R&D Teams”
              Louise Nemanich, Arizona State University
              Dusya Vera, University of Houston

              “Dynamic Capabilities And The Ambidextrous Organization: Empirical Results From Research-Intensive Firms”
              Wolfgang Güttel, Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration
              Stefan Konlechner, Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration


              “Long-Distance Collaborations Inside The Firm: Promoting Knowledge Flow Or Facilitating Internalization?”
              Minyuan Zhao, University of Michigan
              Mazhar ul Islam, University of Minnesota

              Honorable Mention:

              “Persistence Or Convergence: Institutional And Modernization Determinants Of Multinationality”
              Laszlo Tihanyi, Texas A&M University
              Robert E Hoskisson, Arizona State University
              Albert A Cannella Jr, Arizona State University

              “Time-Based Competitive Performance And Entrepreneurial Orientation”
              Mathew Hughes, University of Nottingham
              Paul Hughes, Loughborough University
              Robert E Morgan, Cardiff University

              “Strategic Organization In Traditional Industries: Boundary Architecture As A Source Of Competitive Advantage”
              Filipe Santos, INSEAD
              Ana Maria Pereira Abrunhosa, University of Coimbra
              Maria Inês dos Santos Costa, Technical University of Lisbon

              “The Value Socially Constructed Performance Information: Certification And Sense-Making In Baseball”
              Scott D Graffin, University of Georgia
              Andrew J Ward, University of Georgia


              “The Role Of Authority, Justification, And Coalition-Building In Strategic Renewal”
              Christoph Lechner, University of St Gallen
              Steven W Floyd, University of Connecticut

              Honorable Mention:

              “Strategic Actions And Value Creation: The Case Of Firms Facing Crisis”
              J L Morrow Jr, Birmingham-Southern College
              Michael A Hitt, Texas A&M University
              David G Sirmon, Clemson University
              Tim R Holcomb, Texas A&M University

              “Integrating Multiple Acquisitions: Organizational Form And Absorptive Capacity”
              Thomas Keil, York University
              Tomi Laamanen, Helsinki University of Technology

              “Diversification, Dividends, And Firm Value”
              Tyson Mackey, Ohio State University
              Jay B Barney, Ohio State University

              “A Dynamic Model Of Inter-Firm Interaction: An Agent-Based Model Of Market-Oriented And Customer-Led Strategies”
              Duncan A Robertson, University of Warwick


              “Balancing Vertical Integration and Strategic Outsourcing: Product Portfolios, New Product Success, and Firm Performance”
              Frank T Rothaermel, Georgia Institute of Technology
              Michael A Hitt, Texas A&M University
              Lloyd Jobe, VizX Labs LLC

              Honorable Mention:

              “Real Options, Corporate Investment, and the Volatility Construct”
              Rita Gunter McGrath, Columbia University
              Margaret A Peteraf, Dartmouth College
              Luohua Zhou, University of Shanghai

              “Framing Discontinuities: Incumbents Face the Internet”
              Gabriel Szulanski, INSEAD
              Yves Doz, INSEAD

              “The Adoption of External Technologies: Existing and Emergent Capability Pathways to Superior Performance”"
              Oana Branzei, York University
              Stewart Thornhill, University of Western Ontario

              “Dynanmic Capabilities and the Process of Structuration”
              Ken G Smith, University of Maryland
              Qing Cao, University of Maryland
              Shawn M Lofstrom, University of Maryland


              “University Technology Transfer: The Intersection between Strategy, Structure, and Pay and the Link to Licensing Revenues and Firm Creation”
              Gideon Markman, University of Georgia
              David Balkin, University of Colorado-Boulder
              Phillip Phan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
              Peter Gianiodis, University of Georgia

              Honorable Mention:

              “Reconsidering Strategies for Emerging Economies”
              Ted London, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
              Stuart Hart, Cornell University

              “Investing in New Ventures as A Strategy to Generate Innovations”
              Gary Dushnitsky, New York University
              Michael Lenox, Duke University

              “Firms' Technological Search Behavior under Uncertainty”
              Wei-Ru Chen, INSEAD-Singapore

              “The Commercialization of Nursing Home Care: Does for-profit Efficiency mean Lower Quality or do Corporations Provide the Best of both Worlds?”
              Will Mitchell, Duke University
              Joel Baum, University of Toronto
              Aparna Venkatraman, Duke University
              Jane Banaszak-Holl, University of Michigan
              Whitney Berta, University of Toronto


              “A Bayesian Application of the Resource-based view: Closing the Gap Between Theory and Practice”
              Mark H Hansen, Brigham Young University
              Lee Tom Perry, Brigham Young University
              C Shane Reese, Brigham Young University
              Gilbert W Fellingham, Brigham Young University

              Honorable Mention:

              “The Point of Departure: The Consequences of Adaptation of Franchising Knowledge for Local Network Growth”
              Gabriel Szulanski, University of Pennsylvania
              Robert Jensen, University of Pennsylvania
              Tanya Lee, University of Pennsylvania

              “Sustaining Superior Performance through a Bubble: Inter-firm Differences in the e-Consulting Industry”
              Maria Julia Prats, Harvard University
              Ashish Nanda, Harvard University

              “Not the Usual Suspects: An Exploration and Conceptualization of Board Process”
              Sydney Finkelstein, Dartmouth College
              Ann C Mooney, Stevens Institute of Technology

              “Robust Capabilities? An Empirical Study of Incumbent-Entrant Product Development Capabilities after Radical Technological Change”
              Neil Jones, INSEAD


              “Real Options Reasoning and a New Look at the R&D Strategy of Pharmaceutical Firms”
              Rita Gunther McGrath, Columbia University
              Atul Nerkar, Columbia University

              Honorable Mention:

              “Designing Incentive Systems that Shape Competitive Interaction”
              Javier Gimeno, INSEAD
              Jay Dial, Case Western Reserve University
              Metin Sengul, INSEAD

              “Achieving Competitive Advantage by Leveraging Star Knowledge Workers: Performance Drivers of Ranked Analysts”
              Boris Groysberg, Harvard University

              “Governance and International Diversification: The Moderating Effects of Board of Directors, Technological Opportunity, and Firm Innovation”
              Laszlo Tihanyi, University of Oklahoma
              Robert Hoskisson, University of Oklahoma
              Richard Johnson, University of Missouri-Columbia

              “Internal Markets: Emerging Governance Structures for Innovation”
              Liisa Välikangas, Strategos Institute
              Gary Hamel, London Business School

              “Incumbent's Adaptation and Capability Building on the Internet: Empirical Tests of Innovativeness in the United States Banking Industry”
              Carmen Weigelt, Duke University


              “Evolution of Fit: The Voyage of Vanguard”
              Nicolaj Siggelkow, University of Pennsylvania

              Honorable Mention:

              “The Organizational Advantage: Combining and Exchanging Resources to Create Value”
              Kevin Clark, Bentley College
              Ken Smith, University of Maryland
              Chris Collins, Cornell University
              Cynthia Stevens, University of Maryland

              “Crisis and Competition in Strategic Decision-Making: Credit-Rating Agencies and Their Response to Turbulence in Emerging Economies”
              Gerry McNamara, Michigan State University
              Paul Vaaler, Tufts University

              “Corporate Venture Capital and the Creation of US Public Companies: The Impact of Sources of Venture Capital on the Performance of Portfolio Companies”
              Markku Maula, Helsinki University of Technology
              Gordon Murray, London Business School

              “Value Drivers of e-Commerce Business Models”
              Raffi Amit, University of Pennsylvania
              Christoph Zott, INSEAD


              “New CEOs and Strategic Change Across Industries: An Interdisciplinary Study of How Successful Strategic Change Varies According to Unique Characteristics of CEOs, Executive Teams, Organization Profiles, and Industry Characteristics”
              Arvind Bhambri, University of Southern California
              Larry Greiner, University of Southern California

              Honorable Mention:

              “Knowledge Characteristics and Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Investigation”
              Susan McEvily, University of Pittsburgh
              Bala Chakravarthy, University of Minnesota

              “Deconstructing a Knowledge-Based Advantage: Rent Generation, Rent Appropriation, and ‘Performance’ ”
              Aya Chacar, London Business School
              Russell Coff, Washington University-St Louis

              “Diversification and Performance: Which Causes Which?”
              Belén Villalonga, University of California-Los Angeles

              “Strategies to Raise A Firm's Capacity to Absorb New Knowledge: The Case of Network Forms of Organizing”
              Raymond van Wijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam
              Frans A J Van den Bosch, Erasmus University Rotterdam
              Henk Volberda, Erasmus University Rotterdam


              “Interorganizational Learning and Competitive Advantage: Does Supplier Performance Differ for Different Customers?”
              Jeff H Dyer, University of Pennsylvania

              Honorable Mention:

              “What is the Role of Performance Goals in Product Development? A Study of Japanese Camera Manufacturers”
              Antonio Davila, IESE/University of Navarra
              Kentaro Koga, Harvard University

              “Technological Acquistions and the Innovation Performance of Acquiring Firms: A Longitudinal Study of the Chemicals Industry”
              Gautam Ahuja, University of Texas-Austin
              Riitta Katila, University of Texas-Austin

              “The Influence of Leveraging Tacit Knowledge Across Borders for Global New Product Development Capability: An Empirical Examination”
              Mohan Subramaniam, University of Connecticut
              N Venkatraman, Boston University

              “Reconfiguring Business: Bilateral Resource Redeployment Following Acquisitions”
              Laurence Capron, INSEAD

              Award Overview

              The Strategic Management Society first presented this prize in 1998 to honor the best paper presented at the SMS Annual Conference. Nominated authors are invited to submit a full version of their submitted proposal for consideration by the selection committee. These papers are reviewed and 10 finalists are named prior to the conference. The committee determines the winner to be announced during the conference. Decisions are based on the following criteria:

              • Soundness of the conceptual development
              • Originality and new contribution(s)
              • Appropriate methodology well applied
              • Relevance to management practice
              • Effective communication of the central ideas of the work

              The Prize for the best conference paper consists of a US$ 1,500 cash award. In addition, four other papers receive Honorable Mention prizes consisting of a US$ 750 cash award. All winners are also presented with a commemorative certificate and recognition at the conference, usually during the awards luncheon.

              Criteria for Submission Eligibility

              • This proposal must be presented at the Annual Conference by at least one registered, attending author
              • The author(s), the title, and the subject matter of the submitted papers must match the nominated proposal
              • The paper must not have been previously published
              • The full paper must be uploaded to the SMS website no later than July 1

              2019 Awards Luncheon

              2019 Recipients


              "Machine Learning and Human Capital: Experimental Evidence on How Domain-Specific Expertise Can Mitigate Biased Predictions"
              Prithwiraj Choudhury, Harvard University

              Honorable Mentions:

              "Saying No to Organized Crime"
              Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Northeastern University
              Grazia D. Santangelo, Copenhagen Business School

              "Peering through the Glass Door: The Cultural Attributes of "New" Forms of Organization"
              Arianna Marchetti, INSEAD
              Phanish Puranam, INSEAD

              "Economies before Scale: Survival and Performance of Young Plants in the Age of Cloud Computing"
              Kristina McElheran, University of Toronto
              Wang Jin, MIT

              "Revisiting the Locus of Experience: A Study on Corporate Development Executives, Organizational Learning and M&A Performance"
              Lisa Tang, University of Pennsylvania

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